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Competition in the higher education landscape is more significant than ever. Students are looking for high-quality education, but that alone is not enough; they also expect simple, supportive interactions that make the journey just as valuable as the destination.

At GSN, we know learning changes lives. That’s why our engagement solutions are built to create seamless interactions for students, delivering consistently excellent experiences across multiple channels — all from a single platform.

94% of institutions plan to put lectures and tutorials online. Digitisation alone is no longer a differentiator; to create a competitive advantage, your university must prioritise the student experience.

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Learn how to engage the digital generation.

Today’s students are tech-savvy and creative — and they expect their learning experience to keep up. They want to control their experiences with self-service, digital touchpoints and all their favourite channels and devices, and most importantly, they demand quality from every interaction with your institution.

State of play in Higher Education CX.

When the global COVID-19 pandemic forced higher education to digitise ahead of schedule, institutions found creative solutions to keep learning on track. Now, in a landscape where students demand seamlessness and complete immersion, it’s necessary to adapt those solutions to a fully digitised future.

With over 18 years of experience, GSN has the expertise to help you navigate an increasingly complicated digital experience landscape. Our tools enable and empower educators to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, automate processes and scale services at a moment’s notice — all to deliver competitive, memorable CX. We offer innovative communication solutions for the entire university experience:

  • Cloud-based solutions: Reduce TCO, easily integrate new technologies and improve CX.
  • Intuitive agent dashboard: Integrate all customer touchpoints under a single platform, empowering agents with real-time contextual data to offer personalised service.
  • Integrated channels: When united, human and digital channels enable superior CX and increase operational efficiency.
    AI and ML: Deliver hyper-personalisation across your financial services.

Stand out from the competition with GSN engagement solutions.

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Interactive Recording & Assessment

Interaction recording can securely capture voice and digital interactions (including the agent’s screen) that are handled with assisted service. With extensive search & playback capability as well as comprehensive security / encryption, recordings can be stored for up to seven years or more within the GSN environment or in the customer’s public cloud infrastructure.

Interaction recording provides the ability to capture the entire length of the customer interaction, regardless of how often it is transferred or conferenced.  Together with AI powered Analytics we can identify opportunities from every customer conversation.

We help you to design a customised dashboard that can identify actions around:

  • individual and team performance
  • best practices, and best practice sharing
  • adherence to scripting
  • compliance with any regulatory frameworks


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