Improve your
customer feedback
participation rates

Download the eBook for tips on lifting
your customer feedback participation rates.

Download the eBook for tips on lifting your
customer feedback participation rates.

Customer Feedback is the key to any experience improvement program. Traditionally, the process of collecting, understanding, and acting on customer feedback can be time consuming, not to mention the challenges of actually getting your customers to participate!

Here are some tips to help you improve your customer participation rates.

Why survey participation rates are important

Customer Feedback has become an essential componentof modern business management. Feedback givesbusinesses the opportunity to resolve individualcustomer issues, improve products and processes, coachfront line employees and measure customer loyalty.Understanding feedback is an excellent window into the overall health of your business.

What’s holding your customers
back from participating in your survey?

The key question to consider if your participation rates are not sufficient is what is preventing your customers from providing feedback. A few key factors that could be discouraging your customers from responding include:

  • Timeliness
  • Employee engagement.
  • Balancing the reward for effort equation.

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How to improve your participation rates.

Addressing the areas that prevent feedback is key to achieving high participation rates. To ensure maximum customer participation and high-quality feedback, the collection process should address the following:

  • Short, sharp and frequent
  • Immediacy and speed of survey
  • Response convenience
  • Engage front line staff
  • Same channel collection
  • Relevant and personalised
  • Consider what the customer wants to tell you
  • Easy to complete
  • Feedback on your feedback
  • Usefulness
  • Transparency
  • Complaint management and resolution

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What our customers have to say

If you are looking for a true partner that is
willing to take the time to understand your
business challenges… I highly recommend GSN.
Dan Giesen-White

Group Executive Digital & Business Technology,
McMillan Shakespeare

…allows us to quantify at a large scale how
customers are feeling about the service we
deliver, which we use to improve our products,
our contact centre and how we do business
with our customers.
Alex Hnarakis

Head of Service Optimisation & Premium Support,

How Centra CX
can help achieve
higher participation rates

CentraCXVoC is a Voice of the Customer (“VoC”) platform that helps organisations to collect, understand and drive action from customer feedback.It has been designed from the ground up to collect both front line and customer feedback with every interaction,everyday. Combined, these insights provide the complete picture of your customer experience enabling you to action what really matters.